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for all types of knitting enthusiasts

Welcome to the online knitting world of Apella Knits! Both the novice and the seasoned knitters will find something to their liking here. From knitting patterns to knitting kits to (online) workshops, all intended to help you improve your knitting techniques and take your knitting to the next level. Always with attention for responsible and natural yarns for timeless but interesting knitting patterns. Go explore!

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knitting patterns

The patterns of Apella Knits are characterized by their timeless design in which a color combination, stitch pattern or fit is the main focus. The patterns can easily be adapted to your own taste by playing with color, size or yarn choice.  The patterns are intended for both beginners and more advanced knitters and range from hats over sweaters to socks and other accessories.



Apella Knits also offers a modest range of yarns. These are always selected with the greatest care and selected for their quality and knitting comfort. The story behind it and the way in which it was processed from animal/plant into thread also plays an important role.


knitting kits

Because sometimes it's just easier to immediately have the right tool to get started. That's why, for some patterns, there are knitting kits available. In general they consist of a pattern and the necessary yarn, but with some kits you can also choose to order extra supplies (eg knitting needles).

The kits are always composed with the greatest care, with attention to natural and high-quality materials with a transparent story.



From (online) workshops and cosy knitting evenings to tailor-made private lessons. Apella Knits will assist you with tips and tricks to solve all your knitting questions and take your knitting to the next level.

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