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Apella who?

Apella Knits originated from the head and hands of Nele Druyts, myself. I knitted my first scarf with the help of my mom, the internet taught me the rest. Since then you rarely see me leave the house without knitting needles and a ball of wool.

In 2017 I started with Apella Knits as a sideline. Under this name I give (online) knitting workshops and design knitting patterns, some of which are also available as a knitting kit. Always with attention to timeless designs in high-quality yarns.

In 2021 I started a new knitting label, BROL - Bewust Breigoed , for which I design and make yarn-bound collections on the hand knitting machine.

Oh and that Apella? It refers to my Scout totem, the capuchin monkey. These monkeys are often busy with something because they like to make something beautiful. I thought it couldn't be more appropriate.  

You can also find me on Instagram , Facebook and Ravelry .

Apella Knits November 2020 - Photographer B

© Birgit Sterckx


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