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Custom orders and repairs

Unique knitwear

You can also contact Apella Knits for tailor-made knitting. In these pieces I combine my own vision of knitting with your taste. No indiscriminate copies but unique knitting, adapted to your needs and wishes but with a clear Apella touch (read: good basics that stand out because of the material, stitch pattern or use of colour.)

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Endless options

Do you have a favorite sweater from your childhood that you would love to have an adult version of (or vice versa)? Do you have the ideal knitting in your mind but can't find it in the store, are you still looking for a hat or headband in that one exact color ... The options are endless and there is a lot possible. You think it up, I make it!

A second (third, fourth...) life

I don't just make new pieces, I also think about how we can give your damaged wool piece a new life. Did the moths party in your wardrobe and do you have holes or is your favorite sweater starting to look worn out from wearing it a lot? Most holes can be repaired, in a similar yarn or maybe in something contrasting?

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