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Complete your circular knitting needle with the cable from KnitPro. The new Swivel 360° system allows the knitting needle tips to rotate freely, which prevents the cable from kinking or twisting during knitting. This makes circular knitting even easier! The staunless steel cable is covered with a layer of nylon. This makes the cable sturdy, but still glides effortlessly through the stitches. The cables have a screw section at the ends with a hole into which the cable key fits to help secure the needles. The holes are also useful for attaching an auxiliary wire (or lifeline). The end caps are used to put stitches on hold.

 This cable fits all KnitPro interchangeable needle tips. Each cable comes with one cable key and two end caps. The cable and end caps are black and the cable has silver colored screw areas.

 Please note: the stated length is the total length of the cable + circular knitting needles!

KnitPro Swivel 360° cable

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