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  • Straightforward, but with a hint of elegance – that’s the Meerdaal. The leaf-inspired lace pattern at both ends of the scarf transitions seamlessly into the main stockinette section, making sure you can dress it both down and up as you wish.The pattern includes 4 sizes of the pattern: a regular or long scarf and a small or large wrap. But you can easily adapt the final measurements to your own preferences.
    You work the scarf or wrap by knitting two identical halfs that are grafted  together seamlessly using kitchener stitch. This way you can easily avoid yarn leftover as you can just knit every part with half the amount of yarn.

    This pattern was originally published by Making Stories GmbH in WOODS.
    Photography © Jill de Dieuleveult


    • 1 (2) to create a regular|long scarf (small|large wrap)


      Shown in size 1, long version.

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